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Perhaps the Only Even Slightly Good Thing to Come Out of the “Presidential” Debate

Weird Al, who is notorious for taking months to fine-tune a new composition, did one in fewer than 48 hours.

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When Special Ops Does Politics

I think this “Betrayed” video is the meanest, toughest, likely most-effective, anti-Trump ad I’ve seen yet this cycle. The only one in the ball park is ‘Mourning Again in America‘.

I presume the profanity means they can’t show it on network TV, which is a shame.

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Surprising Endorsement for Joe Biden

Something called ‘Republicans Voters Against Trump’ is running this ad in South Carolina, North Carolina, and DC. DC is safe Democratic, so that’s just to be annoying. SC is safe Republican, but I guess it’s there to embarrass Graham. NC is a battleground state.

(I presume the quotes are from four years ago.)

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I Like This Ad

Valerie Plame is running for Congress. She has a great ad.

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One of the Great Things About MiamiLaw

Over at Prawfsblog, Jeff Lipshaw has a nice item on one of our local treasures: Peter Lederer.

Peter is a great force for change in legal education, based on the changes he sees coming in the provision of legal services.  I am sure he finds the glacial pace of academic evolution frustrating, but he keeps at us, which surely is greatly to our benefit.

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Note to Self: Enable DNS over HTTPS on Firefox

How to enable DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) in Firefox. Hope it plays nice with VPN…

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