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More On Sign Theft

I'm told there was a spate of K-E sign thefts — well over a hundred stolen — earlier this week just south of me, in Pinecrest.

The Washington Post says that sign theft is running at normal levels nationwide, except for Ohio and Florida, where it's stratospheric (and, says the Post, bipartisan).

The all-time best sign stealing story, however, is this one:

A Republican in Colorado fell flat on his face trying to steal campaign signs touting John Kerry and other local Democratic candidates.

According to Wheat Ridge Police spokesperson Officer Lisa Stigall, Randal Wagner was already wanted for questioning about a rash of campaign-sign thefts when he was discovered lying unconscious across a stolen sign Oct. 13.

Earlier that evening, a homeowner reported to police that he saw Wagner, 50, cutting down a campaign sign bolted to his fence. The sign was in support of a local Democratic candidate running for Congress.

The man confronted Wagner, who allegedly fled in a truck with his wife. The man gave the vehicle's plate number to police.

While police located the Wagners' home, Wagner was busy at work on another sign put up by a store in the business district, Stigall said.

But he encountered resistance.

“He already had the sign in hand and was running out of the parking lot when he tripped over a low chain that blocked off the driveway,” Stigall said.

Wagner fell flat on his face and was knocked unconscious.

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The Power of Belief

Belief, faith, call it what you will, it can be a powerful thing. Indeed, this powerful confession of belief by Thomas Schaller, Executive Editor of the Gadflyer, explains in a fashion even I can understand Why I Believe in Our President. Yes, there's much to ponder there.

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GOP Election Spin

Somehow I got on a GOP mailing list. Here's today's wisdom from Chairman Gillespie:

There are only 8 days left until the election and, if you can, we recommend voting early.

Click here to find your early voting location. Because on Election Day we will need your help getting more people involved and getting voters to the polls. The Democrats have already begun to implement their plans to use lawyers and baseless allegations to skew the results in their favor.

We believe no legitimate voter should be disenfranchised, either by being denied a vote or by having an honest vote cancelled out by a fraudulent vote.

But a little intimidation never hurt anyone?

Democrats appear to be setting the stage to use the new provisional balloting rules to convert registration fraud into vote fraud, with the possibility of Kerry supporters voting in multiple jurisdictions or under multiple names.

In one contested election where provisional ballots have been cast, somewhere between 7-to-23 percent of them were valid. Democrats seem intent on making the case that every provisional ballot cast must be counted, and are deploying a horde of 10,000 lawyers to compel the counting of votes that were not legally cast.

Note that this says nothing about when or where that election was, nor what party cast the provisional ballots! It undoubtedly has nothing to do with Kerry.

They have made their strategy clear: If they lose they will sue, and haul the electoral process into courtrooms across the country so activist liberal judges can undermine the will of the people.

The American people should be confident that legitimate voters casting legitimate votes determine the outcome of this election.

Compare the above FUD-like allegations of fraud to reality.

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Find Your Polling Place Online

With a plethora of court decisions around the country stating that votes cast at the wrong poling place won't be counted, this is a great thing to be doing:

My name is Keith Kritselis, and I have a website that I am trying to publicize.


The website's goal is to help voters find their polling place. Our database of online poll locators has been slowly growing. We now can get 63% of the US population the exact location of their polling site in 4 clicks or less. For the other 37% we provide a local phone number where they can call to get the information they need. This service is free to the public, it has no political affiliation or agenda, and I truly believe that civic participation is the key to a responsive government. This is a small 1 man operation with no marketing dollars. Anything you can do to help get the word out would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time.

Keith Kritselis

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Vote Watch 2004

Vote2004.eRiposte.Com is your one-stop-shopping site for news about vote/election fraud, vote suppression, voting irregularities, and voter intimidation in this election.

Lots (far too much for comfort) stuff here…

The site is well-organized: you can view news chronologically, or by red/swing/blue states or by state. Here, for example, is the Florida electoral vote fraud and suppression page.

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Which Ad is More Effective?

Everyone is talking about the new GWB ad Wolves although I can't see what all the fuss is about myself. Maybe it works better on a bigger screen? Perhaps I'm totally blind, but Brooke's Story: He Just Doesn't Get It seems waaay more effective to me.

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