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I'm in Logan airport between flights, making the most of the wi-fi. First thing I see: the latest Zogby showing an electoral vote tie, with Pennsylvania holding the balance (because it has more votes than Virginia).

Readers of this blog do not need to be told to vote. (So go call all your friends and relations in PA.)

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Jack Balkin Profiles the Key Swing Voters

Jack Balkin's inimitable take on the real swing voters.

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My Kerry-Edwards Sign (III)

We've been having some substantial work done on our house, which means that between periods of frustrating inactivity it is overrun by armies of sub-contracted workers. Last week it was painters.

The sign gets a reaction from these transient visitors. By and large the sub-contracting bosses are not very pro-Kerry, although at least around us they profess to not be very pro-Bush either. And our general contractor says he may vote for Nader, or may stay home. At first I thought he was saying that to tease us, now I think he means it.

Several of the workers' cars have Kerry stickers.

The head painter, I'll call him 'Ernesto', mentioned in imperfect English that he'd seen our Kerry-Edwards sign. Ernesto told us with quiet pride that this was going to be his first chance to vote here since immigrating from Honduras.

His first US vote ever would be cast for Kerry, Ernesto said. 'Bush has not been good,' he explained.

A few days later, Ernesto waved a bunch of Kerry-Edwards signs from the back of his truck: all his friends are getting them.

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58,000 is Probably the Tip of the Iceberg

Slashdot | Absentee Ballots Go Missing in Florida.

I've said for months that the real election fraud in Florida would be absentee ballots not voting machines. This has a tip of the iceberg feel to it.

If Bush should win the state by fewer than 58,000 votes, I will not believe the result unless these ballots are found. (I could even understand why a Bush supporter would say the same thing about a narrow Kerry victory…which just underscores the importance of getting to the bottom of this.)

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Signage Update

Called home yesterday evening (London time) and among other things learned that the 'Morales' family (read about them here) now has a Kerry-Edwards sign, bringing our street's total to four!

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Here's what I get when I try to access from London:

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access “” on this server.

And it's not just me, as you can see from a comment in this thread at Electrolite. Oh, and others have noticed this too, all around the world.

Could it be connected to this ?

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