Not Viewable from UK?

Here's what I get when I try to access from London:

Access Denied

You don't have permission to access “” on this server.

And it's not just me, as you can see from a comment in this thread at Electrolite. Oh, and others have noticed this too, all around the world.

Could it be connected to this ?

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11 Responses to Not Viewable from UK?

  1. Hmm…still working here in the States. Seems to me this would suggest a foreign DOS attack was most likely the root of the problem…or, not to be a cynic, but maybe they just don’t have the bandwidth they oughta, and they feel like blaming Democrats for it…but it seems like you and everyone else are getting 403’s, not 404’s. As in this is an intentional cutoff of non US readers of the site…

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  4. Alexander says:

    Now, the loopholes,, and https are closed as well.

  5. Rich Macbeth says:

    I been having the same problems here in Finland I am over here for work this past month and will be here another month and I am from the states, and all the GeorgeBush url or any thing that has his name in it is blocked but you can get to the John Kerry sites with no problems… sounds like someone does not want us to get to the sites we want to get to. It still not changing my vote for George Bush.

  6. Milutin says:

    I have the same problem here in Sweden !?


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