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Below the Belt

This is going to get under Trump’s skin. In a normal year, I’d condemn it as cheap, and the wrong sort of campaigning, but this isn’t a normal year. Trump has proved himself to be a threat to the survival of the American experiment.

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Weak on China

I like this one.

Does double duty – jabs Trump (ties into Bolton revelations too) and inoculates Biden.

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I don’t like this ad much, but I think it’s probably going to be effective.

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Surprising Endorsement for Joe Biden

Something called ‘Republicans Voters Against Trump’ is running this ad in South Carolina, North Carolina, and DC. DC is safe Democratic, so that’s just to be annoying. SC is safe Republican, but I guess it’s there to embarrass Graham. NC is a battleground state.

(I presume the quotes are from four years ago.)

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Plagues and Renaissances

This painting by French artist Josse Lieferinxe depicts an intercession by St. Sebastian during an outbreak of the plague.

For a good time, see Ada Palmer, Ex Urbe, Black Death, COVID, and Why We Keep Telling the Myth of a Renaissance Golden Age and Bad Middle Ages. Warning: It’s kinda long by web standards, but well worth the read.

It begins:

“If the Black Death caused the Renaissance, will COVID also create a golden age?”

Versions of this question have been going around as people, trying to understand the present crisis, reach for history’s most famous pandemic. Using history to understand our present is a great impulse, but it means some of the false myths we tell about the Black Death and Renaissance are doing new damage, one of the most problematic in my view being the idea that sitting back and letting COVID kill will somehow by itself naturally make the economy turn around and enter a period of growth and rising wages.

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Look What Came in the Mail

I got an unexpected package yesterday.

It came with a note:

This reminds me of the time that Rachel Regalado sent me an apple when she was running for school board. (Teachers, apples, geddit?) At the time I thought someone had too much campaign money. Now, I don’t know whether to salute non-traditional COVID campaigning, or what.

I do love Cuban coffee, but it used to be a going-out treat back in the days when we went out — too much sugar for every day; in fact, I don’t actually have an espresso maker. If you have an espresso maker and got left out, don’t worry, the Shalala for Congress campaign will gladly sell you a package or more and ship it too.

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