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Risks Again

One risk the British Prime Minister's family doesn't have to deal with that others do: the risk that forgetting to take their passport to the airport will interfere with their travel plans.

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Risk and the Compensation Culture

Tony Blair spoke about better regulation, risk and the compensation culture this week. He gave a speech on Living with Risk at an event organised by the Institute for Public Policy Research and the Association of British Insurers. There's a … Continue reading

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“Better Regulation”

The subject of regulation is on the table in the UK these days. Gordon Brown has been talking about a Better Regulation Action Plan. This all makes me feel very old – I can't help but feel that I have … Continue reading

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The Absent Consumer – again

IOSCO isn't the only supranational financial standards setter which doesn't get input from consumers. In its first few years of existence, the EU's CESR (Committee of European Securities Regulators) didn't bother much about consumer views either. In March 2005 CESR … Continue reading

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Amnesty International Report 2005

From Amnesty International's Report 2005: The USA continued to hold hundreds of foreign detainees without charge or trial in the US naval base in Guantánamo Bay in Cuba. The refusal of the US authorities to apply the Geneva Conventions to … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of the Disappearing Consumer

In November 2004 IOSCO (the International Organisation of Securities Commissions), which promulgates international standards for securities regulation, published a consultation document about its consultation procedures. The document contained a set of general objectives. The second of these stated that IOSCO … Continue reading

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