Summer Job for a UM Law Student

JOTWELL, the online journal of reviews of recent faculty scholarship relating to the law, needs a MiamiLaw 1L or 2L to join our editorial team for the summer.

The workload typically runs about 30 hours per week, and is paid at the law school’s research assistant scale. The student editor supports faculty editors both at UM and elsewhere, and has a role that is a blend of a substantive editor and a managing editor.

The ideal candidate will be sensitive to nuance and a careful editor, organized, and will enjoy reading legal scholarship. JOTWELL uses WordPress to publish, but it is easy to learn, so no experience needed.

Grades matter for this job, but a demonstrated ability to organize, to write, and to edit may substitute for grades. The job would start as soon as you are available after your Spring ’23 final exams—May 15 or earlier—and run to about when classes start in August. /UPDATE: If you are doing the writing competition, you could start c. May 24 or whenever that is over./ Once you get up to speed there would be no problem if you wanted to take one or more brief vacation periods during that time, as long as none of them was for a long continuous period.

In addition to the circa 30 hours per week for Jotwell, there is an option to add on some extra hours to bring the work up to about 40 hours per week.  These entirely optional extra hours would be traditional research assistant duties supporting me in my summer research.

PLEASE NOTE: Assuming all goes well, I would hope that the Jotwell Summer Editor will transition into being one of three regular Student Editors next academic year, thus working 7-10 hours per week during the 2023-2024 Fall and Spring semesters (with time off for exams and holidays).  Please indicate in your application whether  you are willing to continue in this role for the next two semesters.

If you are interested, please email the following to me at my email address:

  1. Your c.v., aka “your résumé”.
  2. A copy (unofficial is fine) of your transcript,
  3. If you have a non-legal writing sample, please include that also. Please do NOT send your LCOMM paper.
  4. Please state some times when you would be free for a Zoom interview of about 30 minutes in the near future.

Please put “JOTWELL Summer 2023” and your name in the subject line of your email. Also, please ensure that that all attachments to your email have file names starting with your last name.

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