Exhibits A and B?

The other day I posted Strange Corners of Privacy Law, in which Ohio sheriff’s deputies brought suit about music videos featuring their fruitless search of a rapper’s house, after which $400 appears to have somehow vanished (details, alas, hard to find as the deputies turned off their body cams). Here now is one of the allegedly offending videos in question by Afroman, “Will You Help Me Repair My Door”,

Not exactly breaking new ground musically, but a mellow accompaniment to to the footage of a failed search.  Apparently, the warrant was not just for drugs, but also kidnapping!

If you’re hungry for more where that came from, there’s also Lemon Pound Cake

As noted in the comment to the earlier post, I found a link to the text of the complaint. Yes, a real lawyer signed this.

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  1. Just me says:

    Hilarious. I can only imagine how this is going down locally. Adams county, Ohio is a tiny little place with just about 24k residents – 81% of whom voted for Donald Trump in the last election. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adams_County,_Ohio. Afroman and the lemon pound cake cop probably run into one another at the local Dollar General all the time.

    And check out this gem from the editors of Wikipedia in the “Notable People” section of the entry for Adams County: at the top of the list is none other than “Afroman, rapper and victim of misconduct by the Adams County Sheriff’s Department.” Priceless.

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