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Give ’em Hell, Joe

A ‘Dark Brandon‘ meme.
Source: Know Your Meme

In the early days of the Biden administration, news articles suggested that the Biden gang was dreaming big, of having a tenure as consequential as FDR’s, or if not FDR then at least LBJ.

Didn’t happen–due to the filibuster, and then Joe Manchin.

But a week is long time in politics, and the Biden admin has now had two good ones. They passed some bills and issued some executive orders that look consequential and, equally importantly, sound consequential.

And Joe Biden is taking his show on the road. Listening to the new, or rather renewed, feisty Biden, I don’t hear much FDR. What I do hear is echos of Harry Truman. Truman may have had the “do-noting Republican Congress” to rail against; Biden can say–and has started saying–that for large and popular parts of his agenda, “[N]ot a single Republican — not one single one voted for it. Not one.

I bet Biden, even though he was only 11 or so when Truman left office, is conscious of those echos too. “Give ’em Hell, Harry,” worked for Truman, and a similar kind of talk might well work for Biden too.

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This is Different: Democrats Bragging about “Winning”

I can’t recall the last time I saw an upbeat ad like this from national Democrats:

Bet no one puts it on TV….

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Summary of Voters’ Guide to the August 2022 Miami-Dade Ballot, Judicial Elections

Circuit Court
Group 3: Line 91 Judge Lody Jean
Group 20: Line 93 Judge Robert Watson
Group 34: Line 95 Ariel Rodriguez
Group 52: Line 96 (former) Judge Jason Bloch

County Court
Group 5: Line 99 re-elect Judge Fred Seraphin (this one is important!)
Group 19: Line 101 Judge Jeffrey Kolokoff
Group 42: Line 103 Judge Scott Janowitz

If you’d like to know why I’m recommending these judicial candidates, see Voters’ Guide to Miami-Dade Ballot, Judicial Elections (Part 1: Circuit Court) and Voters’ Guide to the August 2022 Miami-Dade Ballot, Judicial Elections (Part 2: County Court)

FWIW, in the School Board race in District 6 I’m supporting Maria Rojas (line 134). I’m not a fan of this long-time Republican, whose voting record is at best wishy-washy (for a mask mandate at the height of the pandemic, but also for banning what I gather is a perfectly ordinary age-appropriate sex ed textbook), but her opponent is far, far worse; if you love Trumpist takeovers of school boards, you’ll probably like her opponent.

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Local Bloggers on Renier Diaz de la Portilla (Multiple Updates)

If perchance you think I was a little shrill about why you should make an extra special special point to vote FOR Judge Seraphin (line 99) and AGAINST challenger Renier Diaz de la Portilla, take a look at what other local bloggers are saying:

Please feel free to add links to other local sources (or your own views) in the comments.

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