Big Fine for Drone Delivery of Cigarettes

A woman in Australia got fined AU$1334 (just under US$1000) for breaking COVID quarantine by having a drone deliver cigarettes to her hotel balcony.

I guess it’s important to enforce COVID quarantine rules vigilantly. But I’ve never heard of COVID being transmitted by a delivery drone, and indeed airborne transmission is apparently much more likely than surface contamination. And having stuff delivered must make it much less likely that people will sneak out to break quarantine.

Given all that, I wonder if drone delivery isn’t something Australia should encourage rather than fine?

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One Response to Big Fine for Drone Delivery of Cigarettes

  1. Airborne transmission is hugely more likely than surface (I don’t know of any scientists who are talking about fomites any more); there’s no doubt about that at this point. I agree, it was a weird (and I think wrong) decision.


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