Seems Its Not Too Early For The Opening Shots Of The 2022 Election

Rubio Supports Trump by

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2 Responses to Seems Its Not Too Early For The Opening Shots Of The 2022 Election

  1. Vic says:

    What, exactly, was so “hypocritical” in Rubio’s statements? You seem to have forgotten my First Rule Of Politics: A politicians only real interest is in getting elected and staying elected. (With the corollary that if it helps YOU, it’s only an incidental side effect of the main rule). Once you get that through you head, as I’ve been saying for years, all the so-called hypocrisy of all of them is just them doing their business. I didn’t see anything in this that wasn’t fully explainable, and thus not hypocritical, by the difference between trying to get elected, and trying to STAY elected.

    (I’m not even sure what some of those B-roll clips even had to do with Rubio. For the record, I’m no Rubio fan. I think he’s just little more than a suck up student council President type who thinks getting a soda machine in the cafeteria is an accomplishment, but I digress…)

  2. Eric says:

    Technically he never “warned us” about anything.

    True does not equal false.

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