Full Text of Decision by Judge Brann in PA Voting Case

Looking for the full text of Donald J. Trump For President v. Boockvar, the case in which U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann very thoroughly rejects claims that the Pennsylvania Presidential vote result should be set aside? Well, look no further.

It shouldn’t be relevant, but in case you care Judge Brann is a former Pennsylvania GOP party official and Federalist Society member, albeit one nominated to the bench by President Obama.

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2 Responses to Full Text of Decision by Judge Brann in PA Voting Case

  1. I doubt the deplorables will care much about this judges party affiliation. he is a Democrat to them now. Every Republican is one misstep away from going under the bus.

  2. Chris Eddy says:

    Actually – if you read the judgement – where does it deal with the mathematical impossibilities – which is absolutely everything !!???
    In my experience very few Judges / Lawyers have a grip of numbers ……
    This all needs to be dealt with by a Committee of Foreign Mathematicians Data Scientists and Statisticians …. to take out the US political bias …….
    It is pointless to expect that a US Judge can work this out …..

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