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Black Eyed Peas Produce Uplifting Biden Video

The Black Eyed Peas and Jennifer Hudson give Joe Biden the full Obama video treatment in this video entitled “The Love“:

Looks like maybe the closing pitch of the Biden campaign will be its own restorative version of hope, although it’s notable that the slogan in both this and the other day’s “Go From There” video is “Love”.

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Mel Brooks Isn’t Kidding Around Here

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This Is Pretty

The new Biden ad has lovely visuals with an at least overtly positive message.

Great audio too — that’s Sam Elliott doing the narration.

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Vote-by-Drop-Box Report

ballot dropboxI dropped off my ballot this morning at the drop box outside the Coral Gables library. It was quick and I never even had to leave my car, although I did have to show ID.

If you go in from the back of the Coral Gables library, on the Segovia side, it’s a straight shot to the little black tent where the drop box shelters, along with two (!) poll workers. One takes your ID and makes notes on a list, the drops your ballot into the box. They even gave me an “I Voted” sticker, which I thought was pretty funny.

Perhaps due to the rain — just a little drizzle when I got there, although it had been pouring earlier — there was only one car in front of me in the car queue, and we were in and out in no time.

The parking lot was pretty full, suggesting maybe there were a lot of voters inside, and there certainly was a ton of volunteers from the various campaigns hoisting signs in the rain, although most of them were staked out on the front side of the library, where early voters (as opposed to people like me with filled-out mail-in ballots) would go. I saw a lot more signage for the local campaigns than the Presidential.

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Not a Tough Choice

The latest from the Lincoln Project features former RNC Chairman Michael Steele on why he’s voting for Biden:

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The Lincoln Project, VoteVets, and the Vindeman family teamed up for this video they call “American Family”:

I remember this:

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