Miami-Dade Ballot Guide: Summary of Recommendations – Aug 18, 2020

State Attorney, 11th Circuit: Melba Peterson (line 24)
State Rep District 114 (Dem Primary): Jean-Pierre “JP” Bado (line 60)
Circuit Judge, Group 55: Olanike “Nike” Adebayo (line 310)
Circuit Judge, Group 57: No recommendation
Circuit Judge, Group 65: Thomas J. Rebull (line 315) [but see * & **]
Circuit Judge, Group 67: Mavel Ruiz (line 317)
Circuit Judge, Group 75: Dava J. Tunis (line 319)
County Judge, Group 9: Joseph J. Mansfield (line 320)
County Judge, Group 24: Christine Bandin (line 322)
County Commission, District 7: Cindy Lerner (line 343)
Miami-Dade County Mayor: Daniella Levine Cava (line 362)
Property Appraiser: Marisol Zenteno (line 367)

All contests are open to all voters except the State Rep primary.

See the reasons for these recommendations in my Miami-Dade Primary Day Ballot Recommendations 2020, Part I and Miami-Dade Primary Day Ballot Recommendations 2020, Part II (Judges).

(This will remained pinned to the front of the blog until Aug 19th.)

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