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Justice Delayed, Then Denied

Apparently, the official policy of the Justice Department at this moment is that if you are a Trump administration member, the following conduct is not worth prosecuting:

Mr. Flynn … was not forthcoming with Vice President Mike Pence about his conversations with Mr. Kislyak.

Mr. Flynn eventually admitted that those discussions were part of a coordinated effort by the president’s aides to make foreign policy before they were in power, which undermined the policy of President Barack Obama.

Mr. Flynn also lied in federal filings about his lobbying work for the Turkish government, court papers show.

And, furthermore, the FBI should not treat Trump administration members suspected of colluding with foreign governments as if they were — wait for it — suspects.  As the Justice Department revealed in its court filing, by asking about meetings with foreign government representatives,

the [FBI] questioning “was untethered to, and unjustified by, the F.B.I.’s counterintelligence investigation into Mr. Flynn” and that the case did not meet the legal standard that Mr. Flynn’s lies be “materially” relevant to the matter under investigation.

And let’s not even talk about Flynn’s apparent perjury in court and maybe out of it too.

Is it any surprise, therefore, that

In a possible sign of disagreement with the Justice Department decision, Brandon L. Van Grack, the department lawyer who led the prosecution of Mr. Flynn, abruptly withdrew from the case on Thursday.

Add it all to the list.

You know, on days like today, I don’t care what happened in a hallway in 1993, or whether Biden is as sharp as butter.  Maybe I’m a bad person. Or maybe there really is too much at stake.

Update: More details about just how weird and horrible today’s decision to (attempt to) abort the Flynn case — after he’d had guilty pleas accepted twice — can be found in this excellent analysis by Marcy Wheeler.

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Best Headline of the Day

Biden Campaign Considering Using The Internet To Attract Voters

Naturally, it’s from The Onion.

Actually, I got a genuine email from the Biden campaign today. It was awful. It invited me to a virtual fundraiser with Pete Buttigieg.  How the Biden people ever thought that was the way to win my vote, or my dollar, I can’t imagine.

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The Brutality Continues

Remember how I said a few days ago that the brutal ads were just beginning? Here’s another one, this time about A Horrifying Illness:

Fortunately, the ad assures us, the “Terrifying Illness” has a cure, which can be applied on Nov. 3, 2020.

The ad is signed by something calling itself “the Sanity Project” — whatever that is. It’s not clear whether they have an actual budget that will allow them to do more than put it online via an account with at this moment has 26 subscribers.

A user going by the name of “Bob Woodiwiss” put the video on YouTube — of course it may or may not be an actual Bob Wodiwiss, and if it is one then it may or may not be the same Bob Woodiwiss who wrote for the Cincinnati Magazine. That guy, incidentally, sounds like a character.

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Goat Gotten

Apparently this video by the Lincoln Project, entitled “Mourning in America” (a sad riff on the famous Ronald Reagan ad), really got Trump worked up into an “unhinged rant” on Twitter:

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Diabolus ex Machina

The folks at ‘Honest Government’ have a new video called ‘The Machine’. 

You can see the unexpurgated version, or the allegedly PG version below.  Personally I think even this should be rated XXX or something as what it describes it is so disgusting:

PS. The surprisingly honest Australian Government ad about visiting East Timor is also quite good.

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