A Very Tiny Silver Lining

Perhaps due to the stay-at-home order in India, which I imagine has caused the suspension of many boiler room operations and tech support scams, we’re hardly getting any spam phone calls these days. The only one I’ve picked up on in the last four days was a recorded voice, trying to sound folksy, soliciting for some police charity or union. If this keeps up, poor Lenny may be out of work.

(I should maybe clarify that I don’t actually use Lenny as I don’t have VOIP. I just wish I had Lenny.) As to the robot-‘charity’, I don’t give to them because: first, I don’t know if it’s a real group; second, they call three or more times a week and I resent it; and, third, even if they are real, the politics of police unions are often dodgy but I’ll save that digression for another day.

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