Everybody Loves Blockchain?

This evening I’m attending an event on “Blockchain: Business, Regulation, Law and the Way Forward” featuring Jerry Britto (Coin Center), Marcia Weldon (MiamiLaw), and Samir Patel (Holland & Knight).

The event is organized jointly by three student groups: the Federalist Society, the Business law Society, and the Alliance Against Human Trafficking. That’s a pretty eclectic group. I think it shows how widely the blockchain dream has taken hold.

And yet, despite this, not absolutely everyone loves blockchain.  I for one am somewhat skeptical, as I think the use cases are much more limited than the optimists would have it.  Indeed, my views are almost summarized by this great graphic, which sets out a decision tree for people thinking of using blockchain:

Yes, the reality is a bit more complicated, but if you can’t explain why the above doesn’t apply to you, you probably shouldn’t be using blockchain….

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One Response to Everybody Loves Blockchain?

  1. I liked that flow chart, too, when I saw it.

    This, however, is a good analysis of eight common use cases for blockchain and why they don’t work: https://blog.smartdec.net/you-do-not-need-blockchain-eight-popular-use-cases-and-why-they-do-not-work-f2ecc6cc2129

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