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Shot Today

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I got the new flu shot today.  You should too. Do your bit for herd immunity please.

U.M. schedules inoculation sessions on various places around the campuses.  Not surprisingly, the med school goes first.  Then it’s the undergrads.  We in the law school are very late on the list – about a month from now. Should I read anything into that?

I wanted the shot before my upcoming trip to Amsterdam next week for the Amsterdam Privacy Conference.  Not that I think Amsterdam is a hotbed of infection, but just on general principles since my immune system has taken a beating from modern medicine these last few years. Turns out it almost took longer to find parking than it did to actually get the shot from the employee wellness clinic.  And almost all that time was spent on paperwork.

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Another Modern Horror

From Robert Paul Wolff, a link to a new modern horror: what Prof. Wolff and his sources call a Chechnyan concentration camp for homosexuals.

My first thought was that perhaps the source was mistaken, but sadly confirms the story, at least in its broad details, although it quotes an Amnesty International official as saying, “that it’s preferable, based on what we know, to refer to them as secret detention sites. ‘We should always be careful about using the language of ‘concentration camps.'”

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The Most Brutal Political Ad of 2018? (Updated)

Brutal doesn’t have to mean angry or loud. Get a look at this ad for David Brill in Arizona:

UPDATE: There’s more than one of them!

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I Guessed Wrong

Brett Kavanaugh wins coveted Roy Moore endorsement.

This is not the Onion. It’s real.

The original source is a TPM article, Moral Authority Roy Moore Urges GOP To ‘Take A Stand’ And Back Kavanaugh. It explains:

Failed Senate candidate Roy Moore, who was accused of sexual misconduct by nine women, has decided that the time is ripe to throw his support to fellow accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

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Kavanaugh’s Bright College Years

Seems that Judge Kavanaugh was a DKE as an undergrad. DKE was notoriously the most most drunken (well, maybe tied with a singing group) and least evolved student organization when I was an undergrad at Yale, only a few years before Kavanaugh. It is not a good recommendation for a Judge, much less a Justice. Certainly not disqualifying on its own, but it helps set a context for other things.

Someone kindly sent me a link to an old Yale Daily News article about what DKE was up to the year Kavanaugh was a sophomore, which includes the photo above. Kavanaugh was already a member by then. Nothing to be proud of, although one should be careful to note this is guilt by association; he’s not in the photo. But those guys hung together.

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Mexico Didn’t Pay For It

Brad DeLong writes, “I need to understand China. I do not understand China. How can I learn to understand China?”

They covered this at Yale. Jonathan Spence in his Introduction to Chinese History told us, when we got to the modern era, that there were three things we should never believe when we heard them: “1. ‘The check is in the mail.’ 2. ‘I’ll respect you in the morning'”…ok, it was the early 80s, … “and 3. ‘I understand what is happening in China.'”

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