Firefox Hates On Its Users

Ok, maybe FF57 is faster, but it’s uglier and less functional. They finally pulled the trigger and killed off thousands of add-ons. My workflow just got noticeably worse.

I just lost about 30 enhancements and extensions. Admittedly, many were just frills. But I’ll particularly miss Tab Mix Plus, Autocopy, CoLT, Tab Mix Plus, Zoom Page and the beautiful and functional Nautipolis theme.

Oh, and did I mention I’m missing Tab Mix Plus?

With this revision and the disabling of key customizations, FireFox eliminates its #1 advantage over Chrome. After all these years, I may just switch.

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4 Responses to Firefox Hates On Its Users

  1. Kevin Werbach says:

    That’s funny. The only reason I use Chrome is all the add-ins I run, not all of which are available on FF.

  2. Tab Snooze – you can program any site to open at another time or at periodic intervals. Similar to the old FF extension Coffee Cup.

    If you have Android phone: Desktop Notifications for Android – receive Android notifications in your browser.

    The Great Suspender – automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resources

  3. dk says:

    Try the ESR (extended service release) version of FF? All my add-ons still work and so do the ones you mentioned (I just added them, thanks). I use the portable version from PortableApps; it stays on my desktop and it’s simple to back up.

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