Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

David Weinberger has a theory:

My conspiracy theory: The purported dossier on Trump says the Russians have been cultivating him for five years. Suppose they were pressuring him to run. As a true patriot, Trump knew how disastrous it would be to have a Russian puppet as President. So, Trump did everything he could as a candidate to make himself unelectable: in his announcement speech he called Mexicans rapists, he made fun of the disabled, he called McCain a loser for being captured. He just kept upping the ante. And then we elected him.

Put differently, let me pitch a movie idea to you. It’s The Manchurian Candidate meets The Producers

Made me laugh, at least.

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3 Responses to Soon to be a Major Motion Picture

  1. > Made me laugh, at least.

    Which was its intent.

  2. Earl Killian says:

    Sounds similar to TomTomorrow’s explanation for the Bush and Obama presidencies.

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