Remembering Rudy

Rumor is that Rudy Giuliani has a good chance of becoming the next Attorney General thanks to his deranged TV performances on behalf of the Trump campaign. That means it’s time to dust off the memory cabinet, and point readers to Rudy Giuliani’s Ferret Freak-Out. The guy really hates ferrets, although I hasten to add that this alone is not disqualifying. No, the real problem is that it isn’t the only way he’s scary crazy and has been for some time.

And, by the way, Giuliani still sounds better than the other name being floated – Chris Christie. At least with Giuliani the odds that he will be indicted in the next year seem remote.

PS. Oliver Willis’s web site, which hosts the ferret freakout audio, seems to be the victim of a DOS attack in which someone has persuaded various filtering businesses — including the one forced on us in violation of academic freedom/access to information principles at my University — to label it as having malware. I’ve complained.

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