Popovich Unleashes on Trump

Greg Popovich is famous as the basketball coach who doesn’t give interviews, or gives one-word answers to silly questions.  Although my favorite had three words — his reply during a game in the Finals when he was asked for his second-half plan and he said “Score more points.”

Well, he can sure talk when he wants to, as captured in this article in the – San Antonio Express-News, Gregg Popovich uncensored: Full transcript of thoughts on Donald Trump.

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One Response to Popovich Unleashes on Trump

  1. how says:

    How the protest movement of Trump unfolds will be quite interesting. Ginsburg wore her collar up in protest or something like that the other day, yet she criticized black lives matter for its protests at the NFL a couple weeks prior. Ironic? Many of the Clinton people have tried to outlaw BDS against Israel at universities and demonized mainline protestants in support of dissent against Israel. They love to corral protesters into free speech zones to marginalize them. I wonder if boycotts are now an illegitimate form of peaceful protest in their arsenal against Trump moving forward and if most hope the street protests be moved from public view. The police state the democrats did nothing to dismantle can now be used to give the other side a taste of what it created. Its interesting times.

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