Quick Links to Election Posts

US Senate: either Grayson (line 15) or Pam Keith (line 16)
US Congress FL-27: Scott Fuhrman (line 33)
State Rep., Dist. 114: Daisy Baez (line 66)
School Board: Modesto “Mo” Abety (line 105)
County Commissioner District 7: Xavier Suarez (line 113)
Mayor: Regalado (line 125)

Circuit Court
Group 9: Jason Edward Bloch (line 80)
Group 34: Renee Gordon (line 83)
Group 52: Carol “Jodie” Breece (line 87)
Group 66: Robert Joshua Luck (line 90)
Group 74: George “Jorge” A Sarduy (line 93)County Court
Group 5: Milena Abreu (line 94)
Group 7: Ed Newman (line 97)
Group 15: Linda Luce (line 99)
Group 35: Wendell Graham (line 100)YES on Amendment 4 (line 300)
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One Response to Quick Links to Election Posts

  1. Emily says:

    Thank you for doing a great public service illuminating the judicial elections. It mostly aligns with my friends’ views in the legal community whom I respect highly.

    I will take issue with your reverence toward SaveDade. It’s lost a lot of its integrity in the last few years. This organization’s leadership has a very disturbing practice of favoring candidates who hire certain consultants. It’s cronyism at best, pay-to-play at worst.

    If SaveDade’s leadership isn’t careful, their endorsements will become worthless and their claim as being champions of equality will only illicit cynical laughs.

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