Voter’s Guide to Coral Gables Election Group I

Group I is the Mayor’s Race.

This is the easiest vote in the election. I have never been Ralph Cabrera’s greatest fan, far from it, and I think his campaign’s focus on the so-called crime issue has been something between lame and ludicrous. But get Cabrera off that poll-tested issue, and he actually makes quite a lot of sense. Yes, he’s a bit prickly. But so is incumbent Mayor Jim Cason. And, as I’ve said many times before, I cannot forgive Cason for supporting the former City Manger’s undermining of the democratic process; once it was proved that the Manager was hiding information from the Commission he had to go – and Cason couldn’t see that. So Cason has to go.

Don’t let the absence of a better choice dissuade you: Vote Ralph Cabrera for Mayor. Cason Must Go.

Read about my interview with Ralph Cabrera.

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