Voter’s Guide to Coral Gables Election Group IV

I haven’t blogged about the Coral Gables Commission Group IV race because I think it’s a done deal and that Frank Quesada will win.

Voters who are happy with rapid development, and happy with a Commissioner who often, but not always, votes with Mayor Cason will be comfortable voting to re-elect Frank Quesada.

Voters who want a strong anti-development vote will likely find that Enrique Lopez says things more to their taste. Indeed, on several issues such as development and environment I might be closer to Lopez than Quesada, although I find Lopez to be a bit too anti-change for my taste.

But it turns out in this one, I find that for me the issues aren’t the main thing.

I would certainly have been prepared to overlook much of Enrique Lopez’s public bombast. I might maybe have been prepared to overlook Lopez’s association with the dubious Dade Medical College (although then again, maybe not). But my very limited personal interaction with Mr. Lopez, consisting of email I regret he has not given me permission to reprint, have convinced me that he’s not the sort of person I want anywhere near my government, thank you very much.

Vote for Frank Quesada. Too pro-development, too pro-Cason, but by most accounts a decent guy.

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