Yet Another Law School Ranking

Given the source — — I would have been prepared to dismiss it out of hand. But Brian Leiter, who is a very discerning consumer of rankings, says that that the “ATL Top 50” is “not nuts and contains some useful information”. Coming from him, that is fairly high praise.

U.Miami Law comes in at 49th on the list — considerably higher than our usual US News rank, and right near the middle of the range (41-55) I would put us at if I were Ratings Czar. And Yale is #1, so they got that right too.

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One Response to Yet Another Law School Ranking

  1. Vic says:

    Don’t discount power of a name. The Ivy League schools rank high not entirely because of the education they offer, but because students with diplomas from there get hired (for a lot of reasons, many not related to education at all).

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