Guest Blogger Bill Clinton to Give Endorsements in Coral Gables Election

I am very pleased to announce that due to my winning a lottery sponsored by the Clinton Global Initiative former President Bill Clinton will post one item on later today, in which he will reveal his endorsements in the upcoming Coral Gables election.

Gables-watchers may recall that Mr. Clinton provided a robo-call endorsement in the 2011 Mayor’s race for Tom Korge. I do not know what prompted his interest in the 2013 race, but the former President is known as an avid follower of political races around the country, and Florida would be an important swing state were Hillary Clinton to run for President in 2016.

Check back often — I will approve President Clinton’s comments as soon as he sends them to me.

Creative Commons photo by veni markovski. Some rights reserved.

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8 Responses to Guest Blogger Bill Clinton to Give Endorsements in Coral Gables Election

  1. Ross Hancock says:

    I just responded to the president that I am honored by his endorsement, but that the Group 2 race has already had way too much outside influence. So this race should be decided, as much as possible, by the Gables residents who are so close to our urgent issues.

  2. Tim Persons says:

    Professor — If I recall correctly, Tom Korge’s brother Chris, was/is a major fundraiser for Hillary Clinton, thus the interest two years ago.

  3. Alex says:

    April fools…

  4. Vic says:

    The KEY to a proper April Fools joke is that it only be plausible enough to make the victim to recognize the humor and feel like an idiot for falling for it. But it’s not supposed to ACTUALLY be so plausible, accompanied by plausible explanations, that it seems reasonable. That’s the joke part (I know you have problems with humor, so I explained).

    So something like that infamous NPR report from 1992 that said Nixon was considering running for president again is a good April Fools joke. It was simply not plausible, so you were really taken if you fell for it and it was funny when you reaized you were. (see the difference?)

    Your “joke,” however, is ruined by the fact that we know that Clinton DOES like to do these sorts of things and you gave a reasonably plausible explanation as to why he’d pick your blog to do so on. So there was no actual joke involved and nothing to take someone in against plausibility.

    That was approximately equivalent to telling your students at the beginning of class that you have to leave at 9:00 for a meeting, but that professor [whoever] will be stepping in to fill in for the remainder. Then at 9:00, not leaving. “April Fools!” (where’s the joke?)

    I have a neighbor who likes to “get me” by telling me perfectly reasonable things, then saying, “Ah…I got you!” when I don’t respond. Things like, “I’m going to be painting my garage this weekend.” If there is no joke, it’s just not telling the truth.

    You’ll catch on eventually. You need to get away from law students more.

    • If you clicked on the link to “today” it went to the Wikipedia entry on April Fools. So it wasn’t at all hard to tell it wasn’t for real.

      • Vic says:

        You’ve completely missed the point, Professor Serious. There needs to be a joke involved, not merely something untrue. The joke isn’t in the yelling of, “April Fools!!!”

        • I think it’s funny to imagine that President Clinton would care about the Coral Gables Commission race. It was funny last time too.

          • Vic says:

            I think it’s funny that anybody thinks that Clinton cares about anything but Clinton. But that’s a sad funny, not a ha ha funny.

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