U Miami Has Its Own App

explorer taxMaybe everyone else knew, but I was surprised to learn that the University of Miami has its own Android/IPhone app.

Of course it’s a bloated 10MB monster, but even so. Rumor has it you can use it to check out books from the library, but I haven’t figured out how yet. The map looks useful, but a search for “Architechture School” and “Law School” returned not found.

First impression: Looks slick, but it isn’t very efficient, and it’s not terribly user-friendly. In other words, all very Miami?

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2 Responses to U Miami Has Its Own App

  1. mfr24 says:

    well played

  2. central texas says:

    I recently discovered that the U. of Texas has an app. It is also a little odd in several ways. I wonder whether some bright soul has come up with a template that is being sold to multiple U’s? If half of the content of the Miami site refuses to be viewed in landscape mode, it would strengthen my suspicion. Most annoying for reading newspaper formatted columns.

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