Groundhog Day?

The site seems to be serving up the Dec. 24, 2010 version of itself. But only sometimes.

I can only presume this has something to do with a cache problem of some sort.

Unfortunately, I have a very busy day – a radio interview with David Levine of Hearsay Culture that will air soon on KZSU and then I’m on panel that is part of our Diversity Week program, in which I will take the unpopular position that cyber-bullying laws are (1) heavily constrained by the First Amendment and (2) bad policy — better to regulate “bullying” to whatever extent one can, and have a rule that includes ‘cyber’ behavior to the same extent as telephoned, faxed, and typewritten speech. And, of course, meetings.

So it may be a while before I can get to the bottom of this.

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