Bedfellows? Us?

The loonies over at NOM have come out against Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for co-sponsoring the ‘Respect for Marriage Act’, which would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA). Ros-Lehtinen’s one consistent deviation from far-right GOP orthodoxy has been on gay rights. FL-18, where I happen to live, also includes Key West and a chunk of South Beach, all very gay-friendly territory.

How odd to find myself opposing a candidate also opposed by the so-called National Organization for [some] Marriage. And how irrelevant we both are to the disposition of this very safe seat.

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2 Responses to Bedfellows? Us?

  1. JO'N says:

    How safe is it? Wikipedia has it listed as R+3. FWIW, I grew up near the U of M (before it became Pinecrest) and I find it bizarre that the area once represented by Claude Pepper and Dante Fascell is now considered a safe Republican district.

  2. It used to be listed as one of the 25 or so safest seats in the nation. I think it may still be.

    Plus IRL has a huge campaign warchest. Having canvassed a little bit in the past couple cycles, I can testify that her genuine personal niceness, over-the-top Cuban revanchism, and her long years of working the district have paid off: IRL can vote against the district’s interests on social security or child benefits (two pocketbook issues here that would touch large numbers of people) and get away with it. (I also think the district is a bit different from Dante’s, and more R, due to redistricting.)

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