Our Dean, Patricia White, is on Brian Leiter’s list of Nine Transformative Deans in the Last Decade — a list with the intriguing URL of “ten-transformative-deans-in-the-last-decade”. Gotta wonder who the tenth was and what happened to him/her.

Fortunately for us here at U. Miami, in addition to being lauded for her transformation of ASU, Dean White also appears on Leiter’s list of six “Deans to watch in the coming years”.

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  1. James Madison says:

    Mr. Leiter seems to rank schools based on how much money they spend to hire new faculty. I hardly find this transformative. We may as well rank politicians about how many local pet-projects they can get funded. The one good thing about this list, is that Leiter has something to say about Patricia White other than the fact she spends money to hire faculty.

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