Today’s Second Robocall (21240715129)

Minutes after today’s first robocall, I got a different robocall on my cell phone.  It was one of those scam ‘reminder that you received an official notice of an opportunity to reduce the interest on your credit card bills’.  Time, the generic recorded voice warned, is about to run out on this great opportunity.

Of course, I never got any such offer, they don’t actually mail them, they are trying to fleece you.  But I pushed the button to talk to a person anyway, just because.  It rang and rang and rang.  And rang and rang.  And the sound was like an old-time rotary phone.  But eventally a woman with an odd accent that I couldn’t place picked up.

Was I was responding to the offer to consolodate my Mastercard or Visa?  I said yes.

Did I have more than $5,000 of credit card debt? I said I liked to know who I was talking to.  She hung up instantly.

The caller ID says the call came from 21240715129, which is no doubt designed to look like it came from a New York area code.  But in fact, given the extra digit, I have to presume it actually came from Marrakech, Morocco, from +212 (4) 071-5129.  But not having free worldwide calling, I haven’t tried to confirm that.

I did try Googling the number, but no luck.  So I’m posting this.  If they called you, I think you are safe assuming it is a scam: no one honest trying to sell you something hangs up if you ask who they are.

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