Today’s Dirty Campaign Mailer

A new dirty campaign mailer landed in my mailbox today, further muddying in the increasingly slimy race for Coral Gables Commission Group 4. The mailer purports to be from a new shady group, the “Committee for Coral Gables Future,” and is aimed at a new target: Jim Cason.

One side says “Who is Jim Cason? Can we Trust His Judgment?” It has a sickly green photo of him and in the background “Doesn’t Vote”, “Bad Judgment”, “Questionable Integrity”, and “We Can’t Trust Him”. (You can click the pictures below for larger images.)

The other side has the sickly green photo again and this: “Jim Cason, Means Bad News for Our Community. He has only lived in Coral Gables for two years. he has never voted in Cral Gables and chose to skip voting in the last Coral Gables Mayor’s race. he has hired a man convicted of bringing an election official in Miami as his campaign manager. his campaign manger, a convicted felon, is awaiting deportation to Cuba. Jim Cason: We Just Can’t Trust Him.”

Amazing stuff. (And, what’s with the spare comma in “Jim Cason, Means Bad News”, guys?)

The interesting question is who is behind this piece of high-minded electioneering.

The return address identifies the sender as “Committee for Coral Gables Future,” a name unknown to Google. It is different from “The Accountability Project” which was the name used for last week’s attack ad against Brad Rosenblatt.

What does Google know about the return address, 3606 S Waverly Circle, Tampa, Fl 33629? It seems to be a house.

Proximity is not proof of a relationship, but the inhabitants of that structure are said to be two companies: John Sample (sounds like a person?) and “The Jordy B Corporation”. The officers of The Jordy B Corporation are Howard J Behlman and Jaynee I Behlman. The Jordy B Corporation was incorporated on Thursday, January 07, 1999 in the State of FL and is currently active. Howard J Behlman represents The Jordy B Corporation as their registered agent. The Behlmans seem to have some Chapter 11 action in the Bankruptcy Court.

None of these people have a connection to Coral Gables that I can see. So who is behind it?

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4 Responses to Today’s Dirty Campaign Mailer

  1. Antonio says:

    i’m not sure what’s “dirty” about it? looks a little childish, but hardly dirty. if it’s not factual, then someone please point out what’s not factual.

    oh, for the record, i’m not on payroll of any candidate, just an interested observer. could care less if hizzoner slesnick is re-elected or not.

    i hear another batch of brad rosenblatt tax records making the rounds of gables insiders and news media. this time it’s the dress company he and his partner own/operate. all the liens in the company’s name, not rosenblatt. sales tax liens.

    i spit up my red bull when i read this blog and the other one from that crazy woman ex reporter with all of his little toadies (on his payroll) coming to his defense. oh please. i have this question for you: would you co-sign a loan for brad rosenblatt? go into business with him?

    but it’s all just academic at this point. the biltmore operators did a poll and it shows rosenblatt trailing badly in third place. yes, the biltmore has a lot of skin in this game.

    it’s game on for sanabria and queseda. should be a good photo finish.

    slesnick and kerdyk both ahead comfortably, too.

    • Maria says:

      It seems Slesnick is worried about about Cason. I would not be surprised if this was done by the Biltmore or other party interested in helping Slesnick. If this stuff is true it is over for Cason.

  2. Daryl says:

    Most like Slesnick and his real estate interest are behind it. Slesnick real estate company and the others would definitely be on the loosing side if he is voted out. So I bet that they are using some holding company to grease the future of there profits.

    Sad in this day and age that you can have such crap sent around and have no idea who sent it. The fact that you don’t want to be found out mean that you are up to no good.

  3. Howard Behlman says:

    The ONLY relationship that exists here is the fact that the address in common was the resident of The Behlman’s son who currently resides in Coral Gables, worked briefly at menial tasks for the “campaign” & had absolutely NOTHING to do with the smear campaign.

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