Server Move

Updating siteI’m moving to a new and faster and (slightly) more expensive server. Or at least I’m trying to. Things might get odd for a bit until the dust settles…..

Then the DNS change will have to propagate to where you are, and so on.  Bottom line: if you made a comment any time after about 7pm Eastern time, there’s some danger it may not be there tomorrow.   And there’s some danger everything will be just fine.

Basically, WordPress puts a bigger load on the server than MT did (but is easier for me to manage), and in the past  couple of days first Yahoo then the Library of Congress decided to crawl the site from head to toe.  Meanwhile, yesterday the spam hit the roof, and who knows something else probably happened too, so things slowed to a crawl.   I haven’t the patience so I’m throwing hardware at the problem.

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