Miami Left Out In the Warm

Miami MetrorailGlobal No Pants Subway Ride 2011 is scheduled for this Sunday in New York and 47 other cities in 22 countries. But Miami isn’t on the list.

OK. We don’t actually have a subway, just an elevated MetroRail, but even so, where are TransitMiami or SFDB when you need them?

You might ask, given all the beaches in Miami and the people wandering around in swimsuits, whether there would be a point to it, but here’s the thing: due no doubt to the same idiocy that makes the so many Metrorail stations difficult for pedestrians to access, the MetroRail doesn’t go to Miami Beach.  In fact, I don’t think it goes to any beaches.

And anyway it won’t be all that hot this weekend. The forecast is that it will barely get into the mid-70s.

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One Response to Miami Left Out In the Warm

  1. Just me says:

    Solve the MertoRail problem? Want to watch people ride it? Add 2 big lines: 1) along the Palmetto Expressway from US1 to Miami Lakes; and 2) the entire length of the 836.

    These lines wouldn’t add in significant ways to sound pollution, and are virtually eye sore neutral since we already have big highways there. Also, people are comfortable with those routes. People know, “hey, I can get to work on the 836, maybe I can get to work on the MetroRail now too.”

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