RISKS of Xmas Lights

Risk Assessment and Failure Analysis in Multiple Small Illumination Sources During Winter Conditions by Robert M. Slade, version 1.0, 20031217

via The Risks Digest Volume 26: Issue 26.


In the author’s immediate socio-cultural environment, the unpacking, testing, placement, and maintenance of Christmas lights has been mandated to be “man’s work.” (Women will, reluctantly, direct the placement of lights, since it is an observed fact that a man has all the artistic sensitivity of a Volkswagen. The car, not the automotive designers.) Therefore, despite the complete lack of any evidence of competence in domestic “handiness,” or knowledge of electrical appliances, the author has found himself making an extensive, multi- year study of failure modes in different forms of lighting involving multiple small light sources.

This paper examines the various failure modes that have been designed as part of different formats of such lighting, and, being a confirmed pessimist, the author conjectures about possible future design failures.

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