Elves are from Europe, Mortals from Cleveland

ElfpunkEurope and Faerie [Update: link fixed] suggests that “the entire genre of elfpunk is really about the way intelligent and sympathetic Europeans and Americans view each other today.”

There’s at least enough truth in this proposed metaphor about modern fantasy with elves and cities to make a very entertaining blog entry, even if I’m not 100% certain — well, not even 50% certain — as to which of the elves-at-the-gates books I’ve read for which this sort of works qualify as elfpunk.

(spotted via 0xDECAFBAD).

[Original draft 3/29/2004. As part of my blog redesign, I’ve been going through draft blog posts that somehow never made it to publication. This is one of them.]

2010: I should have deleted this one, but I love the title.

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One Response to Elves are from Europe, Mortals from Cleveland

  1. I hadn’t thought about this post in years; thanks for bringing it up! I still think it’s about right. Direct link: http://www.markbernstein.org/Mar0401/EuropeandFaerie.html.

    The works I had in mind when I wrote this were chiefly

    – Emma Bull, The War for the Oaks
    – Neil Gaiman, American Gods,
    – Laurel Hamilton, A Kiss of Shadows.

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