The Only Good News

Amendments Five and Six look like they will pass (and Amendment Two is a shoo-in). The other ones either fail to get 60% or in the case of Amendment Four fail miserably.

I was a huge fan of Amendments Five and Six, which hold out the hope of fixing a pretty broken state districting system currently based on pervasive gerrymandering.

Other than that….ouch.

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5 Responses to The Only Good News

  1. Chuck says:

    Let the conversation begin…
    “Have your read the new book ‘The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, part deux’ ” ?

  2. Hey Prof Froomkin!

    Glad to see you’re recovering well!

    Greatly disappointed about Rubio winning. I take it UM Law won’t be rushing down to the IT Department with fresh copy to post up on the website re: one of its alum being elected to the United States Senate. Maybe we could all just pretend he went to Barry or UF or something.

    Some good news about the Republican takeover! At least now the gun you’ll need to fight off stampedes of starving humans will be less expensive and easier to get! Always look on the bright side.

    Joke’s on the Tea Party, though, as Rubio reveals to the most anti-hispanic political movement in the history of the country that he is in fact Cuban and not Italian. SURPRISE! Thanks for the votes, chumps!

  3. michael says:

    I think the law school should trumpet the achievements of its alumnus. Who, incidentally, gave a very smart speech last night.


    And there it is!

    Scant? Begrudging? Straightforward? Appropriate?

  5. michael says:

    Pretty much the ordinary thing.

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