Handy Summary Voting Guide

Florida allows you take a crib sheet into the polls. I published a full-length voting guide a few days ago, but here's the summary version:

Senator: Meek, or Crist if you think it will stop Rubio. At this writing I'm leaning Crist, but I change my mind five times a day.

Congress: FL-25, vote for Joe Garcia, FL-22 vote for Ron Klein. In other districts your vote for a Democrat is a vote against the Tea Party and its fellow travelers.

Governor: Alex Sink. Stopping Rick Scott is important.

Attorney General: Dan Gelber. The GOP's Pam Bondi is a particularly horrible candidate.

[UPDATE: Florida CFO: Loranne Ausley. Any vote against Jeff Atwater is a good vote. Plus Ausley, currently the chair of Florida Healthy Kids Corporation, likely would do a fine job.]

Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services: Scott Maddox.

State Representative District 111: Christina Albright.

(I don't live in Miami-Dade County Commission District 8, but if I did I would vote for Eugene Flinn; he's great and the other candidate is awful, just awful.

Non-partisan Judicial Retention Elections: Vote to retain the Justices and Judges.

State Constitutional Amendments (pay attention here, these matter)

Amendment One: NO.

Amendment Two: No recommendation, although I'll vote no.

Amendment Four: Yes.

Amendment Five: YES!

Amendment Six: YES!

Amendment Eight: NO!

Non-binding Resolution on Balancing the Federal Budget: No.

Miami-Dade Home Rule Charter Amendment: No.

Again, fuller explanations for these suggestions are here.

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