Where’s My Package? (IV)

No-Priority-Mail.gifAfter more than two days of non-information, the USPS tracking site has a new, gnomic, utterance about the whereabouts of my package:

Processed through Sort Facility, September 24, 2010, 11:21 am, OPA LOCKA, FL 33054

But what does this mean? Is the package now, or tomorrow, going to wend its way to me, or is it starting a return journey home?

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2 Responses to Where’s My Package? (IV)

  1. Melinda says:

    I’ve been following with some interest, since I’ve been living for just over a year in rural Alaska, in a place where a dearth of shopping options means buying online but also in a place where we’ve got no home mail delivery. One of the things I’ve learned (aside from there being a surprising number of online shopping sites that don’t tell you how they’re going to deliver stuff before they ask for your shipping address) is that “Processed through” means just that – it means they scanned it but nothing whatsoever about what comes next . It could be sent to the right post office but it could also be on its way back to the sender. Getting shrieky at the sender/vendor/whatever is usually productive but they tend to have policies in which they don’t believe there’s a problem unless the package is at least two weeks late.

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