Where’s My Package? (II)

No-Priority-Mail.gifSo this morning (and afternoon) I checked the USPS tracking site to see if there was any news of my wayward package. (See Where's My Package?)

All there was beyond what I had learned yesterday was this uninformative news:

Delivery status not updated as of September 22, 2010, 10:27 pm

So I called the USPS Customer Service Line, waded through multiple levels of robo-prompts and voice recognizers, and finally got a human being. A human being on a bad connection reading from scripts in a very strong Chinese accent, but a human being.

“I understand and am very glad to help you,” said the script person, “but unfortunately our computers are down at the moment.” Apparently all they could suggest is that I keep calling back until the systems are up again.

Computer failure may be why the online info isn't being updated. Or someone may have my package.

Am I better off checking the USPS “Track & Confirm” web site? Not obviously. But try and stop me.

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