UK to Scrap National ID Cards

Official statement just released on the IPS website,

Both Parties that now form the new Government stated in their manifestos that they will cancel Identity Cards and the National Identity Register. We will announce in due course how this will be achieved. Applications can continue to be made for ID cards but we would advise anyone thinking of applying to wait for further announcements.

First fruits of the Con-LibDem coalition.

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3 Responses to UK to Scrap National ID Cards

  1. Chuck says:

    A good read about the new SCOTUS nominee as a professor… as seen by one student.

    also same link in tiny url

  2. Just me says:

    As a law prof, I would think this article ( would interest you. It deals with a recent study that finds that lawyers are too confident and regularly over-estimate chance of success. The real world implication of this is that lawyers are, by ego alone, perpetuating litigation of less than meritorious claims and defenses. Maybe this should be addressed this in law school?

  3. Ponyo says:

    Just me, that’s an interesting article. Perhaps you’d also be interested in this one about courtroom etiquette: It really highlights the slant judges can often have against litigants and lawyers who don’t follow the unspoken courtroom norms of our modern legal system.

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