The Supreme Court Has Spoken

Quick summary of the theory underlying Citizens United v. FEC summarized in one photo:


Thus, just like a person's independent expenditures on politics can't be regulated, so too with a corporation's.

This is partly Daniel Webster's fault. And partly a power grab.

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6 Responses to The Supreme Court Has Spoken

  1. beginning of the end says:

    from limited liability to unlimited activism…..

  2. where's the outrage? says:

    on the road to fascism and accelerating…….

  3. Andrew D says:

    Regardless of what you think of Citizens United, you have to be angered by the 7th Circuit’s upholding of the ban on Dungeons and Dragons in a Wisconsin prison.

  4. john jay says:

    Was Samuel Alito’s miniature tirade after Obama’s comment about CU the most un-judge like behavior ever from a Supreme Court Justice?

  5. michael says:

    May I nominate this as a contender for the “most un-judgelike” title: Scalia Scolds Student for ‘Nasty, Impolite Question’

  6. john jay says:

    Samuel Alito may as well be a Republican member of Congress.

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