Is BarCamp Miami 2010 Happening?

So I see where WordCamp Miami is up and ready to go in mid-February (charging $30 (plus service fee) for tickets).

But what's the story with (free) Bar Camp Miami? Supposedly there will be a 2010 edition, but the BarCamp Miami web page is all 2009.

I hope it's still on. Anyone know what's up?

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3 Responses to Is BarCamp Miami 2010 Happening?

  1. BarCamp Miami is scheduled for February 21st and registrations will be open soon. The priority at the moment is Crisis Camp Haiti, which will be held at The Miami Herald on Saturday. Please see and for more information. We hope to see you there!

  2. michael says:

    I’m glad to hear that, but maybe a small note on the web page would be in order?

    At least change the dates?

  3. damian says:

    Their website is down, but it IS happening and here’s how to subscribe:

    I found it on the website for the techie events.

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