Its Got Legs

Improv Everywhere, No Pants Subway Ride is, after nine years, well on the way to becoming a New York City institution.

Maybe it's partly because I live in a warm place, but the appeal of going pantsless outdoors in the dead of a NYC winter is a little lost on me. I get the épatez les bourgeois aspects, but it seems from the video that the folks most épatez on the subway may be the least bourgeois.

On the other hand, the event seems to about double in size every year, which puts them on track for two million a decade from now. There's a thought.

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One Response to Its Got Legs

  1. Vic says:

    ahhhh, more expressing individuality by doing what the rest of the huge group of people is doing. Safety in numbers is not individuality. I have respect the the person who can be an individual by him or her self. This is just sheepledom. Amusing, but little more.

    And what’s the purpose? Does it have one other than in the doing? Is it to raise awareness of something, or is it just a stunt? And how come the people clearly cheating aren’t badgered and belittled as the non-conforming non-conformists that they are!


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