Annals of Imports

I am very much in favor of the free movement of people, and especially of ideas. So I'm very happy to read that State Department Ends Unconstitutional Exclusion Of Blacklisted Scholars From U.S.. Indeed, having once shared a meal with Tariq Ramadan I can testify that he can seem very pleasant and reasonable — which, many think, is why the former administration was so afraid of him.

In general, I'm also mostly in favor of the free movement of goods and services, although there are some exceptions. And, try as I might, I can't bring myself to cheer about the US lifting its ban on this repulsive substance.

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One Response to Annals of Imports

  1. Vic says:

    Haggis is only disgusting until you’ve had holodets, which is truely repulsive. I was disgusted enough with the chicken version – until I discovered there was actually a PORK VERSION!

    If you can mask your gag reflex on holodets, you are one tough cookie. (the fact that the fans tend to smother it in horseraddish sauce explains a lot).

    My working theory is that every culture (aside from having a dumpling) has a food that was created when there was some sort of famine and it was eat it or die – and that food is now termed a cultural delicacy. Usually it involves boiling, or allowing to rot or congeal, some animal part that nobody with access to real food would ever consider. Yummy.

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