This is amazingly dumb: Obama Seeks Freeze on Many Domestic Programs

Not surprisingly the blogs are all over it.

Please tell me that this isn't the first dividend of the Citizens United ruling.

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One Response to Bletch

  1. Vic says:

    Actually, Obama is pretty sure the American public is a bunch of idiots. His “freeze” “would not apply to “entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid,” “would not restrain funding for the $787 billion economic stimulus package Obama pushed through Congress early last year,” would not “apply to a new bill aimed at creating jobs,” and would be “unlikely to affect the approximately $900 billion health-care bill.”

    In fact, according to one calculation, it would only apply to approximately 11 percent of the budget. The portion of the budget that represents $3.3 trillion in fiscal 2010 would still be permitted to grow.

    Additionally, Dems in Congress have already rejected the idea.

    So really, it’s just a PR move (yet another) made by Obama to make it look like he’s doing something, knowing that nobody will ever dare to fact check him in such a way that the masses ever hear it.

    He thinks you are an idiot, and he’s not afraid to tell you over and over again.

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