That Hurt

The move broke stuff. First the whole site, then just the comments.

The new server has, I now learn, PHP compiled separately from Apache. Time to change the .htaccess file.

Plus, I'm now on Apache2, I learn. That has more .htaccess implications involving security settings I think I won't brag about. But I had forgotten why I did them that way, and I had to change them in a hurry.

Please let me know if anything seems more broken than usual.

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9 Responses to That Hurt

  1. michael says:

    Just a test comment.

  2. michael says:

    Well, comments certainly are not fast….

  3. Rhodo Zeb says:

    The front page always seemed to load pretty quick, and I am quite far away from your server.

    But comments were always pretty iffy…

  4. michael says:

    New problems have emerged in the module that blocks repeat commercial commentators. We are still under (re)construction….

    I hope this won’t bother regular users.

  5. michael says:

    OK. I may have beat that one into submission too. I hope.

  6. michael says:

    Except it takes about 60 seconds for a comment to post — 30+ seconds extra for the anti-junk filters….

  7. Dave says:

    home page prompted for a login to The site says: “Count the Casualties Server”; possibly the javascript isn’t running the way it should?

  8. Chuck says:

    What’s broken ??

    My pocket book.
    My budget.
    My bank.

    Welcome to the New America.

  9. michael says:

    It did that once before on the old server – it’s something on their end. Eventually they fix it; meanwhile I turn it off.

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