Meaningless Personality Quiz (pt. 16)

This has to be may all time favorite quiz since I started this series if only because there were so many daffy choices: Slate's “Choose Your Own Apocalypse.”

You get to pick up to five. It was not an easy choice, as none really captured the combination of kleptocracy and resistance to certain types of change that I think describes the ills to which our government tends. But, hey, it's just meaningless, so I picked somewhat seriously, “Peak Water” and “Peak Oil” and “Rising Sea Levels” and somewhat facetiously “Pax Sinica” and “Patriot Act” (based on the attached definition; I don't think the bill, while negative in important ways, is apocalyptically bad).

The verdict:

You are an anthropocentric pragmatist. You think the American citizenry controls its fate, and we won't screw up enough to destroy the human race. You'll know you're right when: Vigilantes along the Mexican border start a war over immigration; the United States has a socialist revolution.

Yah, right.

Feel free to post your choices and outcomes below.

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3 Responses to Meaningless Personality Quiz (pt. 16)

  1. William Allen Simpson says:

    [peak oil, peak water, megadrought, rising sea levels, loose nukes]

    “You are a bloodthirsty misanthrope. You believe mankind is stupid and fallible and that America will destroy itself in a bloody mess. You’ll know you’re right when: The United States succumbs to a torrent of Russian nukes; we clone ourselves, get bum genes, and die.”

    Although I agree that mankind is stupid and fallible, the rest probably doesn’t accurately reflect anything, as the latter aren’t among my choices.

  2. Patrick (G) says:

    [Peak oil, peak water, suburban slums, wealth gap, state bankruptcies]

    “You are a humanitarian internationalist. You’re convinced mankind will terminate America—but at least we won’t off ourselves in the process. You’ll know you’re right when: Everyone on Earth pledges allegiance to a world government; the feds default on the national debt.”

    hmmm, I’m not seeing a firm connection between the choices and the result given…

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