CNN Refuses to Air Ad Attacking Lou Dobbs

Here's the ad that CNN refuses to air: CNN's Lou Dobbs Problem:

In the past this sort of corporate use of its control over a press or an outlet made some sense: it stifled the message. Nowadays, with so many channels on TV and the Internet besides, all it does is add fuel to the fire. If I were CNN I'd take Media Matters's money and laugh all the way to the bank.

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2 Responses to CNN Refuses to Air Ad Attacking Lou Dobbs

  1. Steve says:

    While I agree with Media Matters that Lou Dobbs is completely off the rails, I’m not at all surprised that they don’t accept an ad attacking their own personality.

    Why would they? Since the Fairness Doctrine has long since been done away with (hey, who needs fairness, anyhow?), they’re under no obligation to undermine themselves.

    Would you expect them to air promos for FOX News or MSNBC, too?

  2. blah says:

    Just change the channel to Chris Mathews on MSNBC or the other extreme (Bill O on FOX)… btw someone should shoot Hannity (that guy is a moron).

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